Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.

I stumbled on this photograph a few days ago, it is an ad for sportswear but it shot an arrow through my heart.

I have said 'Tomorrow' so many many times to my little children.  As we all know, tomorrow never comes, but yesterdays add up quicker than we can say 'I love you'.  Before we know it their childhood was something that happened yesterday while we were busy planning tomorrow. 

Two of my children are not children any more and they are not interested in a jig-saw or a trip to the swings, or asking me to help them make Rice-Krispie buns, or read a book aloud to them.

So many tomorrows that never came, so many times 'in a minute' turned into 'tomorrow' which turned into 'no  really tomorrow'

I am not a bad mother.  I think I'm pretty good overall.  But I am normal.   I'm busy.  There are nappies to change,  dinners to be made, clothes to launder, homework to be checked.  Life is a tizzy and we're always going to do the lovely things tomorrow.

So today, I'm going to say...'Yes, I'll do that with you now'  The dinner will wait fifteen minutes, so can the wash. This evening I will ring my friend, not tomorrow evening.  Today I'll tell my husband I love him. Today I'll close my bedroom door for a few minutes and talk to my God.

And today I might just look out a harder jig-saw. I'm sure there are some in the attic.  My big girls might like to help me...

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  1. Don't think we're alone with these feelings.......

    <3 <3 <3
    Steph xx

  2. Oh Steph, such a lump in my throat..I remember one day in Caldy Cottage watching with the little ones when Puff The Magic Dragon came on, the tears were flowing down my face knowing this was a precious and passing moment..Dragons live forever but not so little boys..(or girls)
    Next thing the doorbell went-nobody EVER rang our doorbell. It was the the electricity guy to read the INDOOR meter!! I was mortified :-)

  3. This reminded me about many years ago before Vanessa and Hayden came along the local Priest was Father Michael Sloan, R.I.P., who I got along with quite well. Anyway he was telling folk about a great book - The Precious Present by Spencer Johnson. Well I did buy and read the book and it had a great effect on me.
    Truly a wonderful read.

    We rarely, as our Children grew up, made 'False promises' to Vanessa and Hayden - we would say that we would try and do wonderful things - but never false promises about things we would do tomorrow - for me too many things can change and its simply not fair to make these promises.

    Promises that only adults can make and break!


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