Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

OK This is the first time I've tried this '7 Quick Takes Friday' This week hosted by Hallie over at one of my favourite blogs .  It's just a nice way to share your quick thoughts on the week and pool them with the other blogs on the hostess site.  Here goes:
--- 1 ---
I am so very happy that my dear father is making steady progress in his recovery after his big operation. I am busy sorting out a bedroom to accommodate his stay with us for his recuperation.  I just can't wait! He stayed with us for two weeks a few years ago after a fall on his face onto a granite rock while in the West of Ireland.  Even though he lives about three minutes away from me I was broken hearted when he went home!

--- 2 ---

I am looking forward to all the people who will be calling to say hello to him...the kettle is on...


--- 3 ---

At times like this I realise the blessings of growing up in a large family which is still close.  Each person's unique (and plenty of 'unique' types in my family) personality and qualities are thrown into the mix and altogether we manage to get through whatever crisis life presents to us.

 Thank you God for my Super Duper family.

--- 4 ---

By some miracle our teenagers headed off to bed at a decent hour last night so John and I had the unexpected treat of a really lovely chat sitting by the cosy fire...just lovely...

--- 5 ---

I have a very very dear friend in Florida who last night spent the night under the same roof as her husband and all three of her gorgeous children after nine month old baby C spending 70 nights in hospital.  He gave us all some very worrying moments as he danced on the borders of life before kicking a serious infection.  Please add him to your prayers, he has lots of challenges, but it was delightful to see the heart warming photographs on Facebook this morning.

--- 6 ---

Last night as I was giving my 7 year old a bedtime cuddle I said "Peter, tomorrow morning won't you not leave your pyjamas on the floor?"

This morning his pyjamas were on the floor...

...but his bed was something resembling 'made'...

A job which requires a major seek and rescue operation as his little companions manage to make an overnight expedition to the very bottom underneath his covers every night.  I hope this is the beginning of great things?

--- 7 ---

O Wind, if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

P.B Shelley.

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  1. I love the quick tales format. Very poignant week alright.Hopefully Dad and Caleb will continue to recover fast.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    We enjoy your writing. We trust your Dad is in better health and back to his routine. Love to you, John and your grand brood. We are keeping little Louise in our prayers. Happy Saint Blaise's Day.


  3. Thanks Pierce, my brother was speaking to the surgeon today and Daddy should be able to come home some day next week, he needs a bit more physio and to get totally off oxygen. I'll pass on your good wishes. I hope you're getting lots of fun from baby O. xxx

  4. Sounds like quite a week! So glad your dad is improving! Love the Shelley quote!

    1. Thank you Melinda, I am thoroughly enjoying my 'house guest'he is improving bit by bit. I think of that quote every spring! J xx


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