Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome To My New Blog

Well after several months of wishing I had another blog I've finally taken the bull by the horns and started. A good start is half the work and speaking of work it seems to me I've put a lot of work trying to find the world's most amazing template to apply only to revert to the free one that came with Blogger when, with my eyeballs hanging out of my head, I finally admitted that my editing prowess is a bit less than I fancied. So this nice sky and grass will do until I get my paws onto someone who knows more than me. I'm just excited to get something ...anything...onto the blog so I can set the ball rolling.

So what's this about another blog? Isn't one enough for anyone? If you already know me it needs no explanation but if you're new here, I've linked my other blog here in my blogroll. It's all about an amazing journey I've walked this last two years after receiving a grim and worrying diagnosis for my unborn little girl. I started it partly to keep everyone who needed to be in the loop informed and partly to focus my own thoughts. In the end it took on it's own life and became something more than it actually is if that makes any sense.

In the process, I rediscovered my love of writing which had lain dormant since I left school, where writing English essays was far and away my favourite occupation. My mind has been spinning with things I want to say and not just say but say in a way I never would if I was actually talking. Oops!! I've mentioned the T word!!! Talk, talk, talk....I love it!!! I grew up in a large family where talking was the default...nobody ever went to bed for fear of missing something interesting. In fact when I was working, many's the time I passed the last bed-goers on the stairs as I was rushing to catch the bus!

So the bottom line is, communicating is what I do best, or at least what I like doing best.

I love being a Mommy (or Mammy) to my six children, each of who is so different and individual.

I SUPER love babies...anything you need to know about babies...ask ME :-)

I love crafts of all sorts and dabble into different things as time the moment I'm busy knitting ribbon scarves as I'm taking a stall in a local craft fair this Christmas. If I have time I'll make some cards. At one stage I was running a super-tiny cottage business of selling my handmade cards-though they were sooo gorgeous and individual if that I had charged for my time per card nobody could ever afford them!!

Then I had a super-tiny business making gift baskets with the idea that they'd contain things people actually wanted to receive. My favourites were baby gifts containing little 3 ply cardigans, sweaters or matinee jackets which I knit from my mother's old patterns from the 50s and 60s along with unusual baby goodies I found online.

Well anyway, all my businesses cost me huge amounts of money and time to the point that my husband, John, was quaking in his boots every time I announced that I needed to restock my supplies. The truth is, I'm no business woman but I had a great time and then after a (long story) gap of six years, precious Louise came along and is now a busy little toddler who would be only too delighted to get her hands on all my 'supplies'. So knitting it is for the moment, much to John's relief.!

I love cleaning (sad, I know)

I pretty much like organising, though it's not my natural temperament.

I know the internet pretty well and where the best and loveliest sites are and how to get the best 'stuff' at the best price.

I love John.

And most of all I love God and that is what I hope is the guiding light of everything I do, even if I fall far far short.

So what I hope this blog will be is somewhere where people can dip into if they feel like and maybe glean from some of my life's experience or learn from my many leaving a toddler to streak while I'm struggling to apply a template to my blog and of course she peed on the floor two times...

And I really hope it makes people happy, even if only for a few moments. I've observed over the last few years the sharp edge so prevalent on online interactions. Humour is often cutting and comments on forums, blogs, YouTube etc are often forked tongued. You won't be finding any of that here.

I hope you enjoy it, leave a comment and maybe share it (or I'll have no readers :-) )

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  1. Jennifer, you (and now your blog) always make me very happy! I am so thankful that God has blessed us with our little Miracles, Ryder and Louise, and further blessed us by bringing you and I together. This has been one heck of a journey, but I am grateful to you and all the other families who have been my pillars of support along the way! Much love to you and your wonderful family!
    Paula Rubke

  2. Jen, I am so happy that you got around to this... even at the expense of your floors! I love the image of Louise just prancing around! So perfectly her. I cannot wait to read all you have to share with us! I know you have much to say :) and now you have somewhere to do so! I am following and will be... so uh... don't keep us waiting!
    Love, Megan

  3. Hi Jen,

    Just had a wonderful laugh at the expense of your clean floors and the image of a naked bottom running past. Your words as alway are truely inspirational and a great read and hopefully will be read by others concerned with the current situation that god put them in and then realise that there are many of us out there and they are not alone. Don't leave another message too long and I look forward to you next piece.
    Love Rachelxx

  4. Yeaaaay, waited a looooong time for this! Go Jennifer! ;-)))))))))

  5. So now I have to read about it as well as listen to it!?

  6. What a great read really should consider writing a book.....Real life have a natural gift for writing.


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