Friday, October 5, 2012

Housework Songs.

It's been a while since I've posted about keeping home and all the issues that go along with housework. I haven't forgotten about it though and I'll definitely be posting more about the great dignity and value of this work because it needs to be repeated often.  

I'm not embarrassed to say that I actually enjoy a lot of aspects of housework, cleaning and laundry but I didn't always.  So what's changed over the years? Perception.  Plain and simple.  If you think of any job as demeaning, drudgery or something to be endured, or better still, avoided, it will lose all attraction.  If on the other hand, you know the job has to be done so let's look at how we can make it fun or at least increase our motivation to get it done.  We do that to our children all the time, try to convince them that their chores are actually fun (although to date none of my children have fallen for that one!).  Why not do that for ourselves, we're no different in a lot of ways.

And what better way to get our cleaning mojo going than some great music.  I never do housework without music...never. Or maybe a Pod-cast I've been hoping to catch up on.  Everyone has their own taste in music, obviously, but here's a few of my favourites just to get you on track...

Oh, and by the way...DON'T choose music that reminds you of being stood up at the Debs or Prom, or of failing your exams, or your friend who emigrated all those years ago.  You're trying to get a spring in your step, not turn into an emotional wreck!!! (I learned that tip from my own experience).

So whip out that feather duster and those dancing shoes...
...there's cleaning to be done!!!

Ok...I know, I know...don't laugh but hey! Whatever works!!

(also, I haven't mentioned The Wiggles lately have I??)

There are lots more...that's just a few ideas. 

But's a challenge, have a listen to this last one get your best moves out 
and wail along with Kate...and see how much you can accomplish in the time:

Happy Cleaning.

What are your favourite housework anthems?


  1. I once read the book A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall (author of Christy) and one of the sermons her father gave was about finding God in the typewriter, in the laundry room, in all the mundane tasks we do.

    That's what I try to do...find God in the mundane (and what gets more humdrum than housework, right?).

    btw, when I clean I like to listen to Paul Simon's Graceland. Or Broadway Musicals.

  2. That book sounds right up my alley Bia! It's also the crux of the teaching of St Josemaria, the ordinary things of every day. I went to Paul Simon's Graceland concert this summer...absolutely brilliant!! You'd get a lot of work done listening to that :-)


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