Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Our last two children are getting their summer holidays tomorrow. I have barely any summer camps booked as I've discovered over the years that more often than not I'm paying money to drag them away from the free fun they're having on the street. I'm more than happy for them to chill out with as much free play as possible (after they do some work of course, I never did write that post on how to get children to help out),  However, I've also discovered that they can vegetate or run out of ideas and days can slip away without creating any real summer memories.  With ideas thin on the ground they can end up resorting to 'bad old' electronic entertainment, which so often reminds me if the scene from the Dark Crystal of the Skeksis draining the life essence from the Podlings. Not pleasant.  

We have nine weeks bar two when we're on holiday to fill.  

So rather than waste a day of their ever ebbing childhood (our eldest will be a legal adult in 4 days sniff sniff.) I gathered a few of them and browsing the best of Pinterest came up with a Summer Bucket List.  We'll hardly get all if the things done but we might achieve a good number of them. We're much more likely to actually do something that's on a to-do list. 

So here's to summer. The photos are all on my Pinterest board which will link to websites & instructions.  Let's see how many we'll achieve in a harmonious fashion.  You'll notice most of these activities cost little or nothing...and all will be greatly enhanced by Mom (or Dad) turning off your phone.




This one for teens with the rule of no running.  
We only have the largest European branch of a major supermarket in our town. 
Every trip there is a game of hide and seek anyway as 
losing children is the default result of bringing anyone with you.

Everyone needs to do this once.
 It sounds so exotic and romantic. 
The reality is a bit different but hey! 


Is a lemonade stand the epitome of summer or not? 

Another one for teens only: henna tattoo.
 (Go somewhere reputable, whilst temporary, the results still last a while)

Have A Classic Disney Movie Marathon

Or a Harry Potter one.

Outdoor movies are a rare treat in Ireland, 
still...if the opportunity presents itself grab it!
 I did it last year with Lion King and loved it! 

Back Garden Camp Out.

(Thought I'd just throw that in!)

(And this, include some prayer in their schedule, you'll notice a difference.) 

Read Wind in The Willows aloud to whoever's willing to listen. 

Cook a meal for the family. 
And maybe one for the grandparents, 
they'll definitely appreciate any offerings grandchildren present them. 

Keep an eye out for discounts and competitions, 
my sister won a years family membership just by liking and
sharing on Facebook.      


Heritage Park

Tayto Park.
 (Tayto is Ireland's favourite potato crisp,
 regularly shipped to our crisp craving diaspora around the world).






Sharpie tie-dye. 
We did this last year, the results were stunning. 
You can buy surgical spirit in chemists. 



Grandpa's old ties.

Sand and PVA glue poured over an upturned bowl. 

Stone art.

More stone art.

And some more...


Doll up some cheap pumps.

Button Bracelets.

Laminated photos and white board markers. 

Make This!!

And this.

And these cool bags with old t shirts
 or cheap ones from a chain store.

Take a space in a car boot sale. 
I've already planned this with our middle few children and their friends. 

Visit our local Farmer's Market.

What's not to love with these 'sweet' bracelets? 

Neighbourhood Car Wash
 (or should I say leave your parents' and all the neighbours cars
 covered in muddy streaks and get everyone to pay you for it!) 

Use pavement chalk in more imaginative ways. 
There are lots of ideas online.

Finally, this I am going to do for myself using text from 
To Kill a Mockingbird, Brideshead Revisited, Little Women etc.

I'll photograph any of the activities we tick off our list for an end of summer post.  I promise to include disasters and the less than idyllic inevitable bickers, fights and messes. 

Happy Summer.

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