Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Year He Outdid Himself

Santa Claus has never let me down in this one thing...

Every year he manages to scour this planet and then lovingly present one of my children with some beautiful picture book that no mother would ever be able to read aloud the whole way through.

I think he knows I like crying.

But this year he pulled out all the stops and reached new levels of Mommy tears. Someone small had nestled in her bundle of cutie-pie gifts the following book:

Now this pearl of a book applies to any child and any parent, but if you know the story of the tears shed over the little recipient of this Santa gift and how only her loving Father God knows what her future holds, it takes on a special poignancy.  I will never read this book aloud to her.

I couldn't.

So if you know a Mommy (or Daddy) whose child's crown may be a little different, who's chromosomes have a little extra addition or whose path isn't typical, I could not recommend a more beautiful or fitting gift to give, not because it's Christmas, but because you're just thinking of them.

In the meantime...SANTA...WHY do you keep doing this to me??


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