Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Your Marks...

December has arrived and we're now starting to count down the days till Christmas.  Each family has different things they find important as part of their preparations, some make numerous Christmas cakes to give away, others plan guest lists and menus, others clean.
Of course not everybody scrubs and cleans their house as part of their Christmas preparations, preferring a traditional Spring clean in, well...Spring.
If you are one of these people, I can promise you now  you will still be able to glean from what I put in the next few posts about housekeeping and apply it when next you are deep cleaning your home.

I'm probably quite unusual in that I actually enjoy reading and listening to podcasts about cleaning and efficiency technique, not because I get a huge kick out of cleaning, and not because I'm 'house-proud' (which I consider to be a vice rather than any virtue)  but rather because I really, really wanted to learn how  to minimise the time I spend in these tasks and still do a good job. Why?  Because the people who gain most are my husband, my children, the people I love and myself.  Years ago I was struggling to keep on top of everything though I had a fraction of the children I now have and would often be exhaustedly mopping the floor at 11pm before falling into bed, only to do the same thing next day.  It was completely untenable.

Now, I'm relieved to say I've streamlined my techniques over the years and copied/pasted ideas from a number of writers and speakers onto my own template and while it's still a work in progress (and always will be) I think I'm getting there.

So here's my promise:

I guarantee you now, if you follow even some of the advice I have picked up and am passing will definitely find that you are, in fact, able to do a lot more in a lot less time.


That elusive treasure that slips through our fingers, is always running out and which we just never seem to have enough of.  All the lovely things we would do if only we had more time.  If only housework wasn't hogging so much of our time.  Look, what do you have to lose?  Absolutely nothing.  What have you to gain? Well what you do with your extra time is up to you.

Me? Lets just say I have a lot more time...and  I keep a blog or two..

So First Things First

Quite clearly one blog post is not going to cover every aspect of housekeeping so today it's just setting the stage.  Some of these items might surprise you and seem silly, but believe me, they're most definitely not silly in the slightest.

Here we go:

In order to do a good job you will firstly need a pair of shoes that are not slippers or flip-flops!!!

The reason for wearing proper shoes as opposed to flip-flops or slippers is because you are dressing for efficiency.  Slippers are for winding down, slowing down and stopping.  Shoes that look good and feel good put a spring in your step and help you put your best foot forward, so to speak.

Secondly: You need to dress in an outfit that is comfortable, and VERY IMPORTANTLY  you know you look good in.  Ideally it should be a bit hip and trendy.


The reason for this is that as I have written in an earlier post 
about the way the general culture places such little value on work done by mostly women inside their own homes, you need to hold your head up when you catch a glimpse of yourself in one of your many mirrors and be able to say

 'I'm cool. I'm Hip, and I'm Damn good at my job,  Sister'.

Thirdly, for the same will need this:

OK..are you beginning to get the picture?

Next you will need :

Music Player.

A Phone with a built in timer application. (or else a timer).

And now you're ready to go.


You'll need proper equipment and stuff...

...And that'll be my next post! 

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  1. I love your blog, Jennifer. You're cool. You're Hip, and you're Damn good at your job, Sister! And so true about dressing the part. I remember reading about another mom when I began homeschooling my daughter who always made her kids wear shoes when they were doing their work to keep them more focused and attentive. It really helped.

  2. Feel better soon ... my house could use your help!


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