Monday, February 4, 2013

My Lovely Day

This post isn't going to contain any profound thoughts or advice or observations.

This post is for me so that I'll remember a lovely day.

Today was the first time that somebody special took Louise for the day that wasn't to babysit her while I fulfilled something I needed to do or go somewhere pre-arranged.  Today was just for the joy of having her and to spend a special day with her before her surgery.  To be quite honest it was the first time in I can't remember when that I've actually had some unscheduled hours to fill.  It's definitely been before Louise was born and I'm thinking it was long before that too because during the entire pregnancy with her we were having work done on the house so there was plenty of hustle and bustle.  I never mind that or count the time or lack thereof that I have to myself but last night when it was confirmed that Louise was having her fun day away from me I started to wonder what I should do with this unusual situation.

I asked my husband what he thought I should do, I didn't want to waste it just cleaning the house again.  He said he thought I should put on some weepy songs for half an hour and have a cry.  Hmmm....good idea since he knows me so well...but that wasn't going to take up too much time.  Luckily my friend posted this first thing this morning so I got the cry out of the way early in the day.  This will make you cry.

So this is what I did-

First of all I whizzed around to make sure the house was orderly before Louise was collected to minimise temptation to clean the house.  Then I gave her her bath so that she would be sweet-smelling and curly for her special day.  Gave her morning break and waved goodbye.  

Then I had a coffee and a little treat I'd bought myself late-night shopping in the supermarket the evening before.

Then I sat there.

Debated whether I should grab the opportunity to deep clean the house after all.

Answered the phone to my husband who told me not to be ridiculous.

So I packed my gym bag and grabbed a three year old voucher I had for the adjoining spa to chance my arm that it might still be valid.

On the way I went to the bottle bank.

Then I went into the church where there is adoration and spent a little time there thinking of hospitals and machines and drain wounds and asked for some help.

Then I went to the gym/spa and 'innocently' asked to check out my voucher.  It turned out that unlike a lot of places, vouchers here don't become useless as time passes.  I was delighted and then a bit disappointed when she seemed doubtful whether there was a slot available today.  I didn't quite play 'my baby's having surgery' card but not far off it.  Well I managed to get a slot for a back massage a while later.  So first I went and did a quick workout and managed to dry my hair and put on make-up in a leisurely fashion for a change.  I had some time before my appointment so I headed back into town and had a wee nosey through the wool and patterns in this gorgeous shop which is in a part of the town I rarely have reason to be.  I didn't buy anything because I already have some unfinished projects but it was lovely to have a little look.

Back to the spa for my massage.  As I was getting ready the girl asked me whether I had tight muscles.  I answered no I didn't think so...

Then proceeded to float away in thoughts of  tropical beaches such as Pinterest is filled with...

...and tried to overlook the gritty crunching sound my muscles were making 
like the sound of a car driving over gravel...realising that maybe I was a bit stressed after all.

Then a few minutes to relax in the...well...relaxing area...

And then home in time for a silent coffee and my first 
online Piano Lesson in three years.

It took me quite a while to choose what song to start learning
but I finally settled on this...

Now if I can just find my smelling salts I can actually start learning the song...Oh swoon!!

I've mastered the first four notes.

Then the children came home.

I've really had a lovely day.

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