Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Diamond Painted In Nail Lacquer

There was a good and true lover who cared for his beloved very, very much.

To show her how much he loved her he gave her a beautiful diamond ring.

It was pure and clear and dazzling white.

The beloved took the ring and she admired it's sparkle.


The next time the Lover met his beloved he looked at her hand to see the beautiful ring and it's perfect clear diamond. and he was horrified to see that the diamond was no longer pure and clear...the beloved had painted over the diamond with nail lacquer!

With tears in his eyes he asked why she had covered over his clear diamond with something so valueless.

"Well...WHY did you give me that thing anyway??

It was too bright, it hurt my eyes to look at it...

...and it was too boring!!

I didn't LIKE the colour... had no colour...

...I like THIS colour better!

THIS colour is FUN"


This really happened you know.

It is a true story.

You see, this:

is now this:



To this:


Has become



And the Lover:

Oh Him?   

He has as been replaced....

Happy Easter.


  1. .....which is why we are counter cultural and loving it! Well said Jennifer.

  2. How very, very true!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :-)
    I do my watermarking in photoshop, which is a whole big program, but I googled and there are several free programs online and to download that will allow you to watermark your photos. I know a lot of people have used, but they're closing next week. Perhaps picasaweb has something too.


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