Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Something New...11 Things.

Do you remember playing Tag in school and on the street when you were a child? We called it Tig but it was the same wherever you went.  You're 'ON' until you manage to tag someone else.  Here's the weblog version...I've been tagged by Leanne over at Life Happens When in the game. When you're tagged you're 'it' and have to follow a few steps and then pass it on to someone else.  It's a fun idea for a blog post so here goes....

(1) The first rule is to post these rules.

(2) Post a photo of yourself then write 11 things about yourself or your life.

(3) Answer the questions set for you by the person who tagged you.

(4) Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

(5) Go to their blog/Twitter to tell them they've been tagged.

11 Things About Me (Oh Dear..)

(1)    I come from a family of five girls and one boy. 

I have five girls and one boy!

This photo is from two years ago, it's terrible how few photos we have of all of us.  
I suppose everyone falls into that trap. (and me in the mirror!)

(2)  When I was working, my application for a career break was accepted.  I had secured a job with a family in Palermo, Sicily and was learning Italian every day after work.  My plan was to meet a handsome Italian man...

Next thing my mother was diagnosed with cancer and also the Supreme Court in Ireland made a constitutional judgement which had huge implications for the unborn.  I put my career break on hold as I figured I was more needed in my own country just then.  Within four months I had met and was secretly engaged to my future husband.  God works in strange ways.  Who knows...I could have been married to a Godfather by now...:-)

(3)  It took us all of six weeks to decide to get married.  J had six years of Medical school ahead of him as well as several years of hospital rotations.  We didn't bat an eye but looking back it must have been difficult enough.  Best thing we ever did though, we grew up together through all that.

(4)  At the end of our honeymoon we had 20p between us, we bought a packet of crisps and asked the barman for a glass of diluted orange to share.

(5)  When I was growing up I always thought I'd like five children (one less than my mother).  Years later when I was working with inner city children, a gorgeous little boy who was in constant danger of being kidnapped by me changed my mind.  He was the youngest of 8.  His entire family were literally the salt of the earth.  His parents were so good and happy though they had nothing.  The thought passed through my 19 year old mind 

"what if his parents had decided 7 was enough for anyone?"

There and then, much to the hilarity of my workmates I raised my ideal number to 8.  I don't have 8 here on earth but on the last day I will have a great reunion with my 13 children.

His name was A'urrr  Fa'eee
( that is...Arthur Fahey.  I wonder where he is now?)

(6)  I once got a paper cut on my eye-ball-Eeek!!

(7)  Murray Wiggle smiled at me....

Addendum Here :-)

(8)  It's because of The Wiggles I learned how to play the piano.  The day our piano was delivered I was gutted that all I could do was look at it.  I couldn't even play chopsticks.  I had to wait for someone to come home from school or work to hear this beautiful instrument.  

Then one day this song came on the radio:

I rushed to the computer and looked it up, it just reminded me of my older children being babies and with The Wiggles being a backdrop to their childhood, along with Sharon, Lois & Bram, it tugged my heartstrings.  

I found THIS:  

And I learned it in just a few days.  I was so proud of myself.  Then I learned a few more songs thanks to this guy.  When baby girl came along my piano career was put on the shelf but I'm going to get back to it.

(9)   My first driving lesson was in a Ambulance!

(10)   Did I mention Murray Wiggle smiled at me?  Oh yes..I did mention that!!

 Ok, number 10...let me see...Oh yes, I once did a job interview in which the course of conversation resulted in me reciting Hamlet's Soliloquy...'To be, or not to be...'  It had absolutely nothing to do with the job but luckily I knew it in it's entirety (then, not now).  The three interviewers started laughing  and I got the job.

(11)   Part of my heart lives in Scotland.  So I guess you can say I have a heart divided.

Answers to Leanne's Questions.

(1)   What is your favourite vacation spot and why?

Claddaghduff, Connemara, West of Ireland.  Why?? Just visit there and you will never need to even ask that question.  It's also my paternal ancestral home so lots of history and emotions live there. 

(2)  Who is your favourite saint?

St Josemaria Escriva.  Because Pope JP II called him The Saint of The Ordinary.  That rocks because most of us are ordinary let's face it.

(3)  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

If I could choose it would be Ireland 8 months a year, Scottish Borders, specifically Hawick, 3 months, then somewhere hot, preferably France 1 month.  After one month I'd probably be glad to get cool rain-moistened air into my lungs again.

(4)  What is your favourite song?

Music Box Dancer haha, ah no, mmm...that's hard to say.  I have loads of 'Louise' songs for when I want a good 'oul cry but I think the song I never listen to without repeating a few times is this:

It's so summery and gentle and happy.

(5)  Who is someone you admire?

John.  Because of this.

(6)  What was your favourite subject in school?

English.  Hands down.

(7)  When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Mammy.

(8)  Favourite Book?

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh.  I finished reading it in the leafy landscaped car park of Avoca Shopping Experience (where there is nothing in the entire shop that anybody needs.)  It was a lovely sunny day and I had only about 20 pages left so I decided to read them before I went into the shop.  After closing the book I sat there for 20 minutes.  I don't even remember going into the shop and I avoided all unnecessary conversation for several days. I had to ponder.  No book has had that affect on me before or since.

(9)  Favourite movie or TV show?

Brideshead Revisited.  The 80s series was exactly like the book, unlike the more recent version which was influenced by ideological agenda and so changed the focus and meaning of the book.  The only thing was the Sebastian of my mind was more beautiful than the ITV Sebastian.

(10)  What do you like most about yourself?

Hmmm....Good at talking I guess. 

(11)  What's your biggest accomplishment?

My children is the obvious answer there, but God had a good hand in that too.  I think I was most proud when I was able to do a little piano recital for my family one New Years (it's my mother's anniversary and we always have the entire family over).  My sisters told me my father's eyes were brimming.  That made me proud. (I like making people cry lol)

Phew!! That was long!!

So Here are my 11 questions for you.

  1. What makes you most happy?
  2. Which housekeeping task do you most hate?
  3. Which task do you enjoy?
  4. What do you do to chill out?
  5. Is there an ordinary incident that you still ponder?
  6. What is something you still hope to achieve some day?
  7. What is your favourite memory?
  8. What would be an ideal date with your husband?
  9. Favourite movie?
  10. Favourite book?
  11. Something you love doing with the children whether small or grown?

OK...I tag Mary at Hope Echoes because she has a lovely blog and I love her headers. Kee at Little Hare , Melinda at Blue Jeans And Cotton Tees and Bia at La Dolce Vita. And anyone else who would like to join in.   Have fun girls. Make sure you send me your links so I can pass them on.  


  1. Love it!! Thank you so much for playing along! I enjoyed reading all of your answers!!

    1. Ah Thanks, Leanne! I had fun writing this...I forgot to add that my first driving lesson was in an ambulance, never mind, I can pop that bit of info somewhere else another time lol
      Jen x

  2. I did the meme. It was fun. Hope that your Easter was joyous.

  3. Thanks Mary! I've been following your blog for a few months...now I feel I 'know' you a bit better, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Hi Jennifer.

    We were out of town for spring break, and when we returned I was swamped with deadlines. But I got your meme and I'll try and do it sometime next week! Thanks for including me!

  5. I'll be looking forward to that! Have fun
    J x

  6. Hi Jennifer
    I finally finished the post and it has started me blogging again!! Thank you for tagging me.

  7. Jennifer, thank you so much! You've renewed my faith in how blogging can do so much good to the world. This really lifted my mood, especially the lovely blossoms you have in the background :)) This is such a beautiful blog, both visually and in its content. And I LOVE hearing about your 'very ordinary' life with all your kids. Thanks for sharing, keep UP the good work! And yes, I love St Josemaria too! ;D [I actually found your page through Google search looking for an image of him!] God bless, all the way from the equator (very summery Singapore) :)

    1. Oh My Eve!!! Singapore!!! I'm so chuffed lol! Thanks for those lovely compliments, it means a lot to hear someone is benefiting from what I write.


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